Re Incarnation





Imagine this.

Without belief, you know, that you will be born on this planet again.

Add to this, that in many cases, we/you will come back as a descendant of your own lineage.

Now stop and think a moment, what would your priorites be if you knew this? What would take on importance from this new angle of perception?

You might place importance on that body that will carry you the next time around. You might place a lot of importance in having things laid out perfect for your return. You might put a lot of effort into making sure things are done right. You might want to make sure everything you know is not forgotten. You might care more about the environment you will be born into. You might care about a lot of things you ignore or take for granted right now. Would you still place as much importance on selfish egoic needs if you knew that there were others just as important as you?

What would you do differently if you knew this?

What kind of effort would you put into your children, to ensure that they put the same kind of effort into their children, that when it is your turn again, you are quickly and easily prepared to start life out much better than you did the time before?

Why do you suppose this concept is so evil from the viewpoint of religion?

Why do you suppose the world is being cut down at an increasing rate?

Why do we think we can escape the work of life itself, leaving it unfinished, handing off our responsibility to our children, as if they will clean up our mess better than we can?

Logically this would be a way to speed up personal evolution. So far the only thing that has sped up is technological evolution. Technology sort of left the human behind. It has advanced so quickly that now humans are almost fully reliant on it.

The world would be quite a different place, if we knew that we would return to a mess that we made. It would be very different if we placed self importance on the development of others.

“The longer we go on ignoring what is already happening and denying what will happen in the future, the more profoundly we condemn our grandchildren and their children to an unbearably toxic and unstable existence. We simply have to turn the tide.” ~Prince Charles


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