Astral Dynamics – Part 1 – The Energy Body

Astral Dynamics – Part 1 – The Energy Body.

I had originally experienced an immense increase in my energy levels after my first experimental clearing of blockages from my chakra system. After a while though, that level seemed to go back to normal, then dropped below normal. Bruce’s article describes nicely what happens to the energy system when we do incomplete or wrong order of workings.

I had asked my Guides what was most convenient for me, and I was told to place my foot chakras on top of a couple of my Orgone Generators. While monitoring my system it seemed to take less than 10 minutes to fully recharge all three storage banks. I just love how many uses I find for the tools I build.

This is one of the units I tested this with. I will try designing something that will work better along with being more comfortable.

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